Life is so full of expectations, lose weight, tone up, wear this, wear that, be this, be that, get a good job, get married, have kids, don’t say this, oooh no you can’t say that, do as I say (not as I do haha) do this, do that…

Half the time we don’t even know who we are and if those things truly make us happy, or if we are doing it to fulfil some sort of societies demands and expectations to fit in and be accepted. I am certainly not someone that sticks to the norms, well I once was that person but I did not “fit in” and mostly I stood out like a sore thumb, for all the wrong reasons. Mainly because I was challenging these norms, offering new suggestions and ideas for a better way and coming up with my own solutions that didn’t fit in with their expectations, mostly because I could see a better way and it in turn offended people – oopsies, this was never my intention.

I believe that we all have a right to have our own likes, dislikes and direction in life. Yes there are certain things we need to abide by in order to live, like buy food and pay the bills, live healthy, be kind and respectful to others and contribute somehow, but why the heck does the rest of what we do in our lives, yes OUR lives, have to be under the terms of society and looking good or fulfilling stupid expectations that aren’t even our own dreams and goals???

Why do we have to go to uni and study something we hate only to get a job we hate, marry someone we divorce and raise our children as single parents? I am not saying that happens to everyone and I am also not saying you shouldn’t do these things, if they are your goals and passions then absolutely do them, but if they aren’t you can certainly find another way. What I am saying is that if you find your purpose, uncover who you truly are, at whatever age, then follow that path and STUFF what society says. Make your own rules!
If you want to invent something amazing no matter how many people told you it could never be done, if you want to start a new business because you see a gap in the market, if you want to travel overseas and help people less fortunate then I say DOOOO IT! Find a way, it is easier when there is a strong will.

We are only ever our happiest when we are living our purpose, even when it is at the darkest part, you are struggling to pay the bills and we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, nothing beats being authentically yourself, and striving for achieving something great, that thing you feel yearning inside you, it has been there since you can remember so awaken it and do it. It is especially more satisfying when you know you have gone through the toughest times and come out the other side successfully and you achieved it all on you own – despite the neigh sayers.

This just doesn’t go for your career, this also applies to your relationships. You don’t need to be in a relationship to be worthy or lovable, you don’t have to rush in to something you are unsure of, you also can take a jump if it feels right despite how short it has been and what people think. Stop seeking approval from others, stop asking others if they think you should or shouldn’t do something. Half the time they don’t know themselves what is right or wrong based on your needs and desires, they will only offer advice based on their own fears and passions anyway, they will also combine that with what society has taught them which is probably wrong for you anyway.
Stop looking outwards and start seeking approval within yourself. If you are single – embrace it, if you are in love – embrace that. If you want to travel, do it, if you want to be a lawyer do that! F**k society, listen to your heart, that is where your true love and passion lies anyway, not in the opinion of others.
I lived most of my life “acting”, “pretending” to be someone else to fit in only to ostracise myself and feel so lonely, confused and bored, it was horrible and some of the worst times in my life. The moment I uncovered who I am authentically, gave the forks to societies rules, loved and allowed myself to be me, was the moment I became the happiest person I have ever been in my life.

I don’t fit in, I never did and since I uncovered me I now stand out in a way that is changing lives. I said at 6 years old I wanted to make a difference in this world but was suffocated by the world for way too long. Now I do what makes me happy, pay my bills, respect and love my family, friends and along with that my enemies.  I do not follow the rules of society which is why I lost so many jobs and also why I succeed so much in others.
What is your purpose? Mine is enabling people to feel loved everyday despite their relationship status and it fills me with happiness, gratitude, love and so many wonderful people who love and appreciate me for who I am. I have more amazing people in my life now, being authentically myself, than I did when I was pretending to be someone just to fit in.
Find your purpose and then take the steps, you will encounter haters no matter what you do – so go do what makes you the happiest!