Celebrating Belinda’s 40th Birthday

Thank YOU So Much For Being Apart Of MY Life!

You have a special place in my heart. Even if I have never met you and you are watching from afar, I appreciate you more than you know.

During this process, I became very present with how much I have not only achieved but more importantly – how grateful I am for all of the things that have grown me, the challenges, the grief, the loss, and the toxic relationships. They have all taught me what I want and what I deserve and are pushing me to live my purpose of helping others to see just truly how special they are and that all the challenges are blessings, happening for you.

I also saw just how much love I have surrounding me, and how much love I have to give. I have been blessed, and I am so grateful.

I encourage you to look back over your life and put together a compilation of YOU. It isn’t self-absorbed, it is freeing, inspiring, and truly enlightening. It will shift you from that negative headspace into seeing just how special you are. And that there is more to come.

Please leave a comment on any fun, beautiful, transformative, happy, experiences you have with Belinda that you would like to share. sharing love is also receiving love.

Enjoy the next 40 years and live it doing the things you absolutely love!

Ep 5 – Why Can’t I Find Love? The 7 Part Series Debunking Love-Blocks – Belinda Love in the R.O.A.R Podcast

Ep 5 – Why Can’t I Find Love? The 7 Part Series Debunking Love-Blocks – Belinda Love in the R.O.A.R Podcast

Why are you single is the single most annoying question you get asked when you are single because we who want love constantly ask ourselves that exact question. This is the first episode launching the 7 part series on the main reasons it has been challenging to find love so you can find and attract the love you deserve and desire. No more heartbreak, only long lasting love.

Enjoy the show and reach out if you have any questions – belinda@bloved.com.au

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Remove Your Love-Blocks
Ep 4 – Belinda Love in the R.O.A.R, Commitment Issues

Ep 4 – Belinda Love in the R.O.A.R, Commitment Issues

Is there a commitment issue epidemic?

Did Nick Cummins aka the Honey Badger from the 2018 series, season 6 of The Bachelor, demonstrate that Australian men just don’t want commitment and they aren’t ready for love? Are men simply committed to partying and being boys?

I reveal my thoughts on the topic, why I believe Nick didn’t pick anyone and how to handle this perpetually single epidemic.

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