Self-Love, Genuine-Connected Relationships & the Power of

The Love-Trust Cycle

“This is not an introduction… This is the first half-day of my 2 day seminar!”


“It is hard to find genuine-connected love these days, but despite that, it is absolutely possible!”

Finding love is a huge part of being happy and we often associate being alone with not being worthy enough to find love – we are asked “why are you single, what is wrong with you?” I am here to show you that there is nothing wrong with you and that it is possible to find the love you deserve.

“I will cover the 5 Pillars of the Love-Trust Cycle”


Dating Tips, setting up your online profile, reconnecting with the things you love doing and taking action to start your new life!

The early birds get this Half Day Seminar For Just $49!

(Actual Value is $495)



Another success story!

When I first met Belinda I was immediately connected to her spirit and inspired by her actions. Belinda’s strength to acknowledge and move beyond her own challenging life experiences is only superseded by her willingness to share these experiences with others. Not only does Belinda share her knowledge, she also provides techniques and guidance for others to cope through challenging periods of their lives; or ideally, to avoid them altogether!

I was going through a personal growth period at the time I met Belinda and I honestly believe I was meant to meet her at this time of my life. Belinda’s honesty and unbiased thoughts helped provide me with courage to make a difficult decision. It was a realisation I already knew deep down, but wasn’t easy to admit it and I had been avoiding the decision for a long time. Belinda didn’t let me off the hook and pulled me up when I made excuses. I became accountable for my feelings and subsequently aware how they were affecting my actions.  Belinda also helped me through the roller coaster of feelings that followed such as loss, mourning, forgiveness. She helped me realise that these feelings were natural and they are easier to work through once you acknowledge them.

Belinda is patient, thought provoking and sincere; an amazing support for any personal, emotional, relationship, etc., difficulties you may go through, or even just to work on self realisations

Caitlin M

The half day training is just $69 but really, it truly is, worth $495!

You will take with you a lot of tools that you can apply into your life straight away.

Thursday 27th of September 6pm-9pm @ Tribal Space Woolloongabba


This is not a set of rules to dating and how to be a “player” in the dating game, it’s not a self-help session with corny steps to finding love and it definitely is not about teaching you ways to catch and keep them or manipulate them into having a relationship with you,

It goes far deeper than that and is nothing anyone has taught before.  What I will be covering is unlocking the patterns that have brought you to this point and enabling you to be effective around being authentically-you and finding the love you deserve. 

I am not going to let you walk out without feeling empowered, free, happy and excited about dating and I certainly won’t let you walk out with the belief that you will be single forever and that you will never find love. 

The 5 pillars are used to help you to get remove of the hurt, stop feeling lonely, trust again and find the love you deserve.

We must follow these steps to
“Be authentically-you with no games and still attract the right partner for you”

When you fully trust and follow the process you will feel “empowered, excited about the future with no fear of being yourself”. We all want that, I have enabled so many people to achieve this.

Besides walking you through the 5 steps to The Love-Trust Cycle, I will also teach and support you on your journey to dating and finding love

— Where to go to find the love you deserve
— Setting up your online profile to really set yourself apart & attract true love
— Reconnecting with the things you love doing and finding you again
— Dating Tips


— Creating action around starting your new, exciting life!”

Another success story!


What I love most about Belinda Love is her shining, caring and passionate nature. Her genuine devotion to want to impact society relating to love is inexplicable.

I found Belinda during a time of deep sadness around a break-up.  I was lost and going in and out of a relationship that was not going anywhere.  I didn’t have the strength to move forward as I didn’t realise I deserved love and felt as though I would never find “the one”.  After doing her course and having coaching with her I found myself, I moved forward from the ex and found the strength to be happy, and I am now dating someone that treats me the way I deserve. 

In the beginning of the course I was negative and feeling low from past relationships, repeating the same old things and not sure how to move forward, I was disappointed in myself and my single status.

During it I began to feel empowered about truly loving me and trusting I’d one day find the love I deserved.  It gave me a new fresh attitude towards myself and finding love, the right way. So awesome and exactly what the world needs right now. 

Belinda allowed me to truly discover what was in my way, what I wanted in a partner and how to love myself. I am forever grateful for the guidance, support and wisdom Belinda has shared through The Love-Trust Cycle.

Renee M

I would absolutely love for you to come along as you will gain a lot of insight and at the very least you will walk away feeling empowered and refreshed.

I have been called “the inspirational, motivational friend that tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear” This is out of love and in aid of helping you achieve the breakthroughs you deserve which will impact your self-love so you can find true-love”.

I truly care about you and your journey, everyone is unique with a common goal of finding love. I will help you to find love for yourself first and set the right foundations to find genuine-connected long-term love.

This course will stop all those thoughts, give you tools to being confident, happy and feeling loved and show you how to focus your energy into achieving your goals in a fresh way, a way you haven’t tried before.

I have uncovered and written, over the past 4 years, The Licence to Claim the Love you Deserve

— Eliminate the love blocks and patterns suffocating you
— 3 A’s – Acknowledgement, Assurance, Affirmations
— Reveal who and open up your love-zone
— Love-speak and communicating your love language

This methodology will answer so many questions and once you say yes to attending, I will send you The Seven Most Common Love Blocks PDF so you can start the process now.

Another success story!


What I loved most about Belinda was how much she cared about my situation and what I was going through. She really understood what I was feeling and the way I was seeing myself. I really learnt to love and see myself a new and transformed way. Thank you for your support and advice

Karen M

Once again, it is only $49 for the early birds and all you need to do is say yes!

You have been dealing with this for so long, time to start living!

I can’t wait to meet you and start this journey together xx


Half Day Seminar For Just $49

(Actual Value is $495)

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