Going Live for Love

Celebrity Singles

Nikki Ferris – The Bachelor

Nikki is our fav Quaranqueen with good puns and nice buns. She is ready for a man to nurture, support, love, and roll around laughing with, especially at her quirky Dad jokes. You up for this exciting opportunity?


Paddy Colliar – The Bachelorette & Bachelor in Paradise

Paddy is our lovable, Fit AF larrikin who says it exactly how it is, which I think we can appreciate. He is ready to find a girl who will laugh at his jokes, be fit together, and can keep up with his wit. Is that you?

Ash Irvin – Married at First Sight

Ash is our vivacious, bombshell who is passionate and full of life. Ash is ready for a man who is ready for love. Someone who can make her feel special and is ready for you to wriggle into her life. If you are ready, apply for Ash.

Dan Webb – Married at First Sight

Dan is our naughty, but nice, non-Dad-bod Dad. He has established his life with his son combining fun, adventure and love. He is ready for someone to add value, love, and laughter to his life. Is that you?

Nina Rolleston – The Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise

Nina has found love!!

This season is finished, we are no longer accepting applications.

Nina is our gorgeous, girl next door from who has created a successful business and is full of love. Nina is ready to find a gentleman who will treat her the way she deserves. Will you sweep her off her feet?