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“patient, thought provoking and sincere; an amazing support”

When I first met Belinda I was immediately connected to her spirit and inspired by her actions. Belinda’s strength to acknowledge and move beyond her own challenging life experiences is only superseded by her willingness to share these experiences with others. Not only does Belinda share her knowledge, she also provides techniques and guidance for others to cope through challenging periods of their lives; or ideally, to avoid them altogether!

I was going through a personal growth period at the time I met Belinda and I honestly believe I was meant to meet her at this time of my life. Belinda’s honesty and unbiased thoughts helped provide me with courage to make a difficult decision. It was a realisation I already knew deep down, but wasn’t easy to admit it and I had been avoiding the decision for a long time. Belinda didn’t let me off the hook and pulled me up when I made excuses. I became accountable for my feelings and subsequently aware how they were affecting my actions.  Belinda also helped me through the roller coaster of feelings that followed such as loss, mourning, forgiveness. She helped me realise that these feelings were natural and they are easier to work through once you acknowledge them.

Belinda is patient, thought provoking and sincere; an amazing support for any personal, emotional, relationship, etc., difficulties you may go through, or even just to work on self realisations

Caitlin M

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