It’s Becoming a Barbie World

It’s Becoming a Barbie World

Is life in plastic really fantastic?

I can understand and appreciate why people do it, but is it really necessary 100% of the time and reasons we have it done? It may be for the short term but what about the bigger picture.

I am airing my frustrations a little at the moment in the hope that I may cause a break-through.  As secure as I am in myself, sometimes I feel the need to go and get breast implants, a tummy tuck and Botox to feel as though I am worthy of finding love or being recognised by someone that doesn’t get distracted by the next bikini model that comes along.

This frustration is short lived once I rediscover my inner cheerleader again. I am not jealous and I don’t feel inferior to other women,  I am all about the love and support and I acknowledge the hard work and effort it takes to being fit and healthy as I myself have lost 22kg, I feel frustrated that we have gone so far into this phase of plastic surgery, that I am questioning if we have forgotten what true beauty is and how it feels.

Originally plastic surgery was created for people with skin disfigurements or burns via the use of skin grafts, then breast implants were created for women who had breast cancer so they could live normally and feel like they can face the world.  From there it has evolved so much that I think we are abusing it too much and have gone to the extreme which is  “pricing ourselves” out of the market.
By that I mean, every time another woman gets her breasts or lips done, it becomes “the norm” for men and women to accept and if you haven’t had anything done it seems that natural beauty is becoming less and less attractive so in turn we are doing ourselves an injustice.  We have now fallen into this pattern of “perfection” and see natural beauty as flawed, despite the fact we do the #nomakeup selfie from time to time.  I think we need to stop and reassess.

Did Barbie set these standards for women?  Was it men and their ideals?  Was it women and our insecurities?  Where it all began it doesn’t matter, it is how we handle it now.

“The meaning of true beauty versus the beauty we think society wants, is defined by having a good plastic surgeon instead of strong self-esteem” – Belinda Love

The sad thing about this is society’s demands for what beauty should be overrides true beauty.
I am very happy with the fact that society has learned to accept our choices regarding plastic surgery, but why can’t we accept people and love them JUST THE WAY THEY ARE?  It would be far cheaper and less painful.
What I am about to say may offend and trigger some emotions regarding the reasons we look to plastic surgery, but it has to be said and hopefully this opens your views to the fact that with positive reinforcement and self-love you can start to change not only how you feel about yourself, but the world, in many ways. We can redefine beauty, we can allow the world to love ourselves regardless, we can stop this ridiculous spiral into the only way we can be beautiful is by being perfect.  I am not saying however, that we shouldn’t be healthy and eat well and exercise for health and fitness.

“What we don’t like in ourselves we criticise in others, so if we first start with loving ourselves there will be less judgement and criticism in the world.” – Belinda Love

We are doing ourselves an injustice by trying to look the way we think a man wants us to look and spending thousands of dollars on surgery when instead we should be embracing ourselves and encouraging one another to feel beautiful despite our cup size or lip thickness or wrinkles.
If you want to get these things done, I ask you to consider a few things before you take yourself under the knife.
1. Are you doing it to be loved and accepted by others?
2. What is the real reason you need to change your body?
3. Have you had an accident or illness?
5. Can you overcome these negative mindsets with a new focus and self-love?
6. The long term effects
7. Are there other options
Each time we change ourselves we are setting a precedence for men to expect this is what beauty is and the evolution of this process will become worse and worse and harder to maintain to the point where it is standard not optional.  It is easier to be grateful, appreciate and love yourself with practice.
I think the situation is spiralling out of control and whilst I don’t judge people for doing things to their body as it is your own body, I am getting very frustrated at the fact we look to enhance the physical rather than the emotional and in turn live in a superficial, unconscious society driven by Instagram and Facebook showing how sexy we look rather than sharing how beautiful we feel.

The only people who get to define beauty is us, Marilyn Monroe was considered beautiful in her day, who the bloody hell made the decision from her day that beauty had to be “perfection”?  Only we can define beauty and that comes from mindset and perception. If we change the way we perceive beauty we get to simply be ourselves.
Beauty is really defined by..
1. Our mindset and language
2. Self-love
3. Not succumbing to looking like everyone else by changing our appearance
4. Staying unique and bringing our own personality
Do what you want with your body but be mindful of the reasons first and acknowledge the people that love you for you despite what society deems is “perfect”.  Those people are in fact the best people to have in your life, they see you for you and love you despite all that other crap society says.
You are beautiful as you are and someone will love you – choose your health both physically and emotionally and you will be happy.