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Ep 4 – Belinda Love in the R.O.A.R, Commitment Issues

Ep 4 – Belinda Love in the R.O.A.R, Commitment Issues

Is there a commitment issue epidemic?

Did Nick Cummins aka the Honey Badger from the 2018 series, season 6 of The Bachelor, demonstrate that Australian men just don’t want commitment and they aren’t ready for love? Are men simply committed to partying and being boys?

I reveal my thoughts on the topic, why I believe Nick didn’t pick anyone and how to handle this perpetually single epidemic.

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Ep 3 – Belinda Love in the R.O.A.R – Online Dating; Tragic or Magic?

Ep 3 – Belinda Love in the R.O.A.R – Online Dating; Tragic or Magic?

I hear that many of you are a bit sick of online dating.

All that swiping and matching and not actually meeting anyone! This episode welcomes Paul and Janey, to hear some real life male and female experiences.

Belinda offers great tips on improving your experience, and will potentially change your view on the old swipe and match way of finding love.

Belinda also shares some funny Tinder messages and replies.


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